Make Data Retention Your First New Year's Resolution

Make Data Retention Your First New Year's Resolution

Businesses need to be prepared for the worst these days, as disasters could strike at any moment and cause irreparable data loss. One of the ways your business can break in the new year with confidence is with a backup and disaster recovery strategy that minimizes downtime and keeps your organization safe from events beyond your control. We’ll help you put together the best backup solution for your business’ needs.

What Makes a Good Backup Strategy?
It’s easy to underestimate just how valuable data is for a business, especially in today’s modern office environment. Protecting your data by any means necessary is critical to your continued success. The best way to do this is by using a comprehensive data backup solution that also has a disaster recovery component. While it might be tempting to back up all data on your network, it’s worth remembering that some data isn’t as valuable as other data. You’ll have to decide which data is worth more and design a strategy around making sure this is always available.

Resolutions for 2019
You should always strive for excellence in everything your business does, and data backup is one way your organization can improve itself for 2019. If you’re not sure how you can improve data backup and disaster recovery for your business, try following some of these guidelines:

  • Implement a backup platform that lets you back up the data necessary to the operations of your business, minimizing downtime to keep costs low.
  • Work with your IT administrator to plan your data backup solution based around specific factors like your recovery point objective and recovery time objective.
  • Test your backups regularly to ensure that they work as intended. This means that any time you have to actually deploy a backup, you can know with certainty that they will work.

If you don’t have an IT administrator available who can help you with the process of implementing a data backup and disaster recovery solution, reach out to k_Street Consulting, LLC. Our professionals have seen their fair share of nasty situations that have led to the demise of unprepared business, like natural disasters, hacking attacks, and even user error; we don’t want it to happen to you as well.

We can help your business minimize downtime and expedite the restoration process with a data backup and disaster recovery solution from k_Street Consulting, LLC. To learn more, reach out to us at (202) 640-2737.

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